The Koukla Legacy

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it’s right here, and the title is more general than just “the koukla legacy.” it’s called “val’s sims 3” and the link is right here —>

right now i have the first chapter of the Freesia legacy, so you should read it.


My Sincere Apologies

okay, i messed up.

my game is WAY too far ahead of what i’m writing. in my game, the child rebecca is pregnant with is just turning into a child.

so, i regret to inform you, that i am not going to be working on the kouklas any longer.

when i start one up, i’ll post a link on here, but i am deleting all my game files and starting over. even the alien thingy.

this entire thing has been very taxing for me, but i’m going to be smarter about my next legacy; i promise.


bored with the sims for a while. be back in maybe 2 months. my apologies.

A Mission from Launis, 1.0

Ambassador Mrewx was genetically modified for the task she was to be given. When she was ready, of course. Her skin was made lighter than that of her kind, and she was given eyebrows and eyelashes, and the ability for her hair to grow. Her metabolism was slowed, she was made to age quicker, and her height was shortened, and her facial features were made to look more like the species that were locally called “humans.”

“Coordinator Kveix G1. Report to the dock. Time is short.” a voice commanded.
“Right away, Captain.” she answered, turning off the hologram she was reading Mrewx’s information from.  She and Ambassador Mrewx had been very close all her life, and, though she was honored to be the one to send her to earth, she hated to see her go. She was only eighteen, a mere infant if she were to age like a proper woman from Launis. But her mission had been set and there was no turning back now.

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Chapter Three

The funeral was held at the graveyard. It turned out that buster didn’t have much family. The only ones that went to the funeral were his wife, his son and grandson, his daughter-in-law, and some friends from work. Everybody got along and it was a very uneventful funeral. Buster’s grave was located behind the mausoleum, far enough away from the pond that Bessie didn’t feel the need to worry about him drowning. Bessie wasn’t taking buster’s death very well. She was still mourning at Benjamin’s second birthday.

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Chapter Two

Xander took a deep breath and took a step down the stairs of his parent’s house. He stopped and looked at Rebecca, who was urging him on with a huge smile on her face. He slowly took another step, then another. All too soon, he was at the bottom of the flight of stairs and that much closer to his parents. He felt a small hand on his shoulder.

“Come on, Xander. You look fantastic,” a whisper from Rebecca. Xander wasn’t so sure. He rubbed his hand on his cheek, still not used to its nakedness. Then, after taking another deep breath and closing his eyes, stepped into the room Bessie and Buster were waiting in.

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Chapter One

Rebecca looked around at the two mansions bordering her lot. She sighed, remembering the beautiful, cream-colored Victorian she had left behind. She almost regretted leaving, but she thought of all the bad memories and decided it was for the best. Rebecca walked for only a minute or two, and got tired. She wasn’t exactly athletic, to say the least. She took out her cell phone and called for a cab to come pick her up, and sat on a rock behind her to wait.

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Koukla Legacy- Prologue

Rebecca was orphaned at a young age. She never knew her parents, she didn’t even know their names. All she knew was that they dropped her off with her aunt in Riverview. Her  aunt’s name was Kristopher, and she never talked about Rebeccas parent. no matter how many times Rebecca brought it up, Kristopher would sigh and walk out of the room. Rebecca’s resentment toward her aunt sprouted from this unwillingness to talk about her parents. Her resentment brought on the rebellious period Rebecca stayed on for three years, until she was sixteen. that was when she found out she was pregnant. Kristopher was never so disappointed in her. Kristopher never had a child of her own, and Rebecca took up that hole in her heart. Kristopher love Rebecca, and not even her pregnancy could shake Kristopher’s love for Rebecca.

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